Technical Support  

Our Service

   Our company provides services to all types of technical support to all traders and users .. Where we provide them with a modern database-you-go and there are technical service throughout the day as well as a section full of connections and queries to be answered .. "

 We also offer internet service and supported by the Chamber of Chat and so the client can communicate with us and received substantive responses and all inquiries are our company's top companies in the field of import and services sustained permanent through all areas of electronic communication, telephone


Delivery Service

       The company is to follow the client wherever and products are shipped to him through the services available to the shipping company ...

     We get to the customer in all the different governorates of the Republic ..

     We receive orders either by phone or through the website Electronic  processing, and we filled up and shipped to the customer as well as provide ways to pay all cash and futures ...

     So as not to tire the client give him all the data and lists prices first first comprehensive data on all deductions required Category ..



      The company has huge financial ability to support the movement of production and imports from abroad as well as extend the bridges of the top traders in the Egyptian market and dealing facilities in payment until the product is not a burden on the client ..

     These facilities shall be final and without benefits, particularly as the prices in force with these traders are the prices buyers and not the ordinary user prices..